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Georgia Animal Project would like to thank Bones, northwest Georgia's premier animal resort for their
generosity and steadfast support in sponsoring the reconstruction of our clinic lobby.  Thank them the next time
pay them a visit.  

We also thank Shirley and Tunnie Padgett, local artists, rustic furniture makers and antique collectors at the
Green Hen in Ball Ground for all their wonderful support, patience and wisdom.  Visit historic Main Street Ball
Ground and say hello to Shirley and Papa.  

Support locally-owned businesses! They care about our community.  
A Cherokee Tribune article on the completion of our One Thousandth spay/neuter in 2009 - Nonprofit Group
Expands Spay, Neuter Mission.  We have since completed over Twelve Thousand spay/neuter surgeries.  
A Georgia Animal Project Clinic Coordinator is honored as Pathfinder of the Month by Cherokee County's
Townelaker magazine.  View the article here.
Chevy thought he was a dog - Please fix your animal
Visit these additional animal welfare
organizations for spay and neuter
alternatives in your area:
Athens Spay Neuter Center
Project Catsnip
In April 2011, Georgia Animal Project moved to historic downtown Ball Ground, GA.  Our new
address is 310 Gilmer Ferry Road, Ball Ground, 30107.  From this location, we are better able
to serve Cherokee County residents in Canton, Waleska, and Woodstock, but also residents in
Cobb, Fulton, Bartow, Pickens, Gilmer, Gordon and Dawson counties as well.
View research article on the benefits of prepubertal neutering in companion animals here.  It's better to spay
them young!
AW Roberts Building - 1911 Ball Ground, GA
From 2009 until our move to Ball Ground, our clinics were graciously hosted by Cherokee County’s finest feed,
seed and animal supply store, the locally-owned
TC Country.  Georgia Animal Project extends our sincerest
thanks for their generous donation of time, space and patience (barking dogs). With their help we were able
spay or neuter 1345 animals.  Thanks to everyone at
TC Country!
Georgia Animal Project is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to solving companion animal overpopulation.
Dedicated to solving
companion-animal overpopulation.
Rosebud the super cat - she is fixed
Adorable Animal Shelter Puppy
Clinic Location:
Downtown Ball Ground, GA
(by appointment only)
310 Gilmer Ferry Road Ste B

Clinic Scheduling:
Online Appointment Form
or 770-704-PAWS (7297)
This fine dog was neutered
Thanks to grant funding provided by PetSmart Charities®, Georgia Animal Project
was able to provide over 150
zero-cost spay/neuters to owned cats in zip code
.  This grant funding ran from November 2011 through June 2012 and was a
tremendous success for Waleska residents.
Thanks to a vaccine grant from the ASPCA, Georgia Animal Project was able to provide
500 rabies, 129 DHPP and 121 FVRCP vaccines free of charge to animals at our
clinic.  This grant program ran from January 2012 through June 2012 and proved a
terrific benefit in providing vaccines free of charge to those animals most in need.
Thanks to a feline spay/neuter grant from the ASPCA, Georgia Animal Project altered
132 cats at significantly reduced costs between April and July 2012.  The generous
grant proved a tremendous success in helping local area residents in need.  Thanks
We have been able to provide over 825 low-cost spay/neuters to North Georgia
residents through the generous support of
Second Life, an organization created with
the mission of giving homeless pets a second chance at life – and reducing pet
overpopulation through spay/neuter.
 Please help support Second Life by visiting
their Thrift Store in Decatur, GA.
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Read the News!  Intakes at our local animal shelter are down four years in a row.  You
can make a difference by having your animal altered.  
Please Spay/Neuter.
February 2014 was National Spay/Neuter Month.  Thanks to a spay/neuter grant
from Petsmart Charities, Georgia Animal Project altered
125 cats at $20 each in
February as part of their
"Beat the Heat" compaign.  Georgia Animal Project altered
369 animals in total for February with the help of Petsmart Charities and other national
and local granting agencies. Thanks to everyone for making
Spay/Neuter Month 2014
our best ever!  
Visit Animal Farm Foundation to support their programs.

Animal Farm has supported us with multiple grants to low-income
families for dog spay/neuter with 150 animals to date being altered
with their help.

During April's
Community Cats campaign Georgia Animal Project altered over 350
free-roaming and feral cats with the help of
Petsmart Charities, Second Life and
private donors!  Thanks to all our volunteers and cat trappers who helped make this a
great month.

February 2015's
Beat the Heat campaign was a huge success with over 365 female
cats altered at low cost thanks to
Petsmart Charities.

We altered over
385 male dogs and cats in during January 2015's Happy Neuter
campaign with the help of Petsmart Charities.

The Primp Your Pit
campaign during August 2014 was a tremendous success thanks
Petsmart Charities and the public.  Over 100 pitbulls were altered during the month
for $20 each!

Spay/Neuter Now  Thanks to our Petsmart Charities' Blitz Campaign for pedicatric
spay/neuter, we altered over 250 pediatric cats and dogs during June 2014 at $20 per
January 2014 was the opening round of Petsmart Charities' Blitz Campaigns.  Happy
Neuter Year was a tremendous success with 226 neuters completed at $20 each with
Petsmart Charities paying the remainder of the costs.  Georgia Animal Project altered
over 340 animals in total for the month.  Thanks to everyone who participated!
Many thanks The Grey Project, one of the few dedicated community cat trapping
groups in Cherokee County.  This groups has made a tremendous difference for feral
and free-roaming cat health and overpopulation in our area.
 Please help support
the Grey Project via donations made to Georgia Animal Project with a notation
that funds are to be used for the Grey Project.
 If you know of a outdoor cat colony
in need of help let us know and we will pass the information along to The Grey Project.
We want to acknowledge the incredible difference that Petsmart Charities is making in
helping to reduce companion-animal euthanasia in our local shelters by providing grant
funds to reduce the cost of spay/neuter surgeries.  
Over the last seven years,
Petsmart Charities has helped spay/neuter over 6000 animals at reduced cost.